Compliant & Safe Data Mining in Rare Disease

RDDT Partners with Health Care Systems to Mine EHR Data for Rare Disease Patients


Our intelligent technology mines EHR data

to find and diagnose rare disease patients

within your population. We monetize

EHR data for the benefit of the patient

and the Healthcare System.

RDDT manages an exclusive portfolio of Rare Disease Biotech Companies that sponsor Patient Searches using RDDT Technology


The biggest problem in rare disease is the

5-8 Year diagnostic odyssey that rare

disease patients suffer through. We created

a compliant way for Biotech to sponsor and

fund the discovery & diagnosis of patients

so we can end the diagnostic odyssey.

RDDT uses proprietary analytics to executes the searches that Identify probable patients with the targeted rare disease


 We drive the discovery & diagnosis of targeted rare disease patients. We combine clinical and data science in our platform to mine the phenotype rich EHR data to discover rare disease patients 

RDDT delivers to the Healthcare System a list of the "Probable" rare disease patients in need of confirmatory testing



By helping providers identify patients and biotech identify providers, we create a short list of probable patients, and shorten the diagnostic odyssey of rare disease patients

RDDT pays the Health Care System for patient triage services regardless of search diagnostic outcomes


  Substantive, incremental, recurring revenue for the benefit of the patient. Nothing to purchase, no labor, no promises. Just Data, and in return your providers get insight & knowledge they didn't have and your patients benefit.  

RDDT Delivers to the Biotech Sponsor a list of Providers with "Probable" Patients in need of Follow Up



The hardest part of the process for Biotech is finding which providers have rare and ultra rare disease patients. Providers don’t have the tools to always know they have rare disease patients 

Lost Rare Disease Patient Healthcare Data Analytics

Empowering Collaboration through a market mediator in RDDT


A new, simple, substantive and incremental revenue stream for COMMUNITY based vertically integrated healthcare systems that requires no software purchase,  just data, and is frequently repeatable, while profoundly benefiting rare disease patients 

Incentivising the utilization of EHR data to do what it was intended to do, serve the patient

We compliantly align incentives, so that the phenotype rich EHR data that is ideal for identifying rare disease patients can be analyzed by our data scientist, in order that actual probable patients triage'd for diagnostic testing 

Rescuing Rare Disease Patients Lost in Healthcare

Healthcare can't find what they aren't looking for. RDDT seeks to end the prolonged diagnostic odyssey of rare disease patients by creating a shared revenue stream that incentivizes  the discovery & diagnosis of targeted patients, thus rescuing them from odyssey filled with apathy and indifference. 


Patients & Providers & Industry Need Help


Everyone Wins with the Introduction of RDDT