Rare Disease Data Trust

Accelerating the Discovery and Diagnosis of Targeted Rare Disease Patients

  • Data by Providers
  • Mined by RDDT
  • Sponsored by Biotech

RDDT: A New Safe Harbor for Data Mining

RDDT Partners with Health Care Systems to Mine EHR Data for Rare Disease Patients


We create a mean and methodology for the mining  of the phenotype rich EHR data of Healthcare Systems to find and diagnose rare disease patients  

RDDT finds Rare Disease Industry Members to Sponsor Specific Patient Searches


The hardest part of the process for Industry is finding which providers have Rare and Ultra Rare Disease patients, sometimes the providers themselves don't know they have rare disease patients

RDDT Executes & Manages the Process of turning the data mining into Hipaa Compliant High Value Provider leads for Industry


By helping Industry find which providers to call on, we accelerate the rare disease patient discovery and treatment. And Industry is able to eliminate a lot of waste and inefficiency 

RDDT: The Missing Link in the Rare Disease Marketplace

Empowering Collaboration through a market mediator in RDDT


A new, simple, substantive and incremental revenue stream for community based vertically integrated healthcare systems that requires no software purchase, no labor, just data, and is frequently repeatable, while profoundly benefiting rare disease patients 

Incentivising the utilization of EHR data to do what it was intended, serve the patient

We compliantly align incentives, so that healthcare providers are rewarded for the discovering and diagnoses of rare disease patients 

Rescuing Rare Disease Patients Lost in Healthcare

We seek to end prolonged diagnostic odyssey of rare disease patients, by creating a revenue stream associated with their discovery & diagnosis, thus improving their outcomes.  


Patients & Providers & Industry Need Help


De-Identified Data Supplied by Healthcare, Executed by RDDT


Everyone Wins with the Introduction of RDDT